Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ladies DLA Breakfast

So I think I have talked about the book Captivating before, but I really love that book, because it's truly captures the heart of women. The other day the DLA Men (i sometimes call them boys, but they are really men!)planned a special DLA Ladies appreciation breakfast. It was a total surprise. They planned everything, and told us to get dressed up. It was lovely. But the reason I bring up the book Captivating, is because I could see how much, women love to be delighted in. The whole breakfast was about tell us how much they love us (as sisters in Christ) and what they love and basically delighting in us. After the breakfast the ladies were all excited, and we were dancing around, enjoying each other, but mostly, just being ourselves. We were comfortable being who we were, because we felt so loved and delighted in. It was so beautiful, because when women are who they actually are, their true beauty comes out. I have never seen such beauty as when they were dancing and twirling around, laughing and just glowing....because they were truly, enjoyed and delighted in.

Oh and BTW... this is my team!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You teach what you know....

You reproduce who you are...

They were talking about this quote, the other day, and it really hit me. I can teach what I know about God, all day long. But at the end of the day, I reproduce who I am. Actions speak louder than words. It really hit me, because I don't want to reproduce half-hearted Christians. People who come to church, but that's all. I want to reproduce Christians, who are passionately in love with Jesus. That follow God's will in their lives, that spend time with Him everyday. That's the kind of Christian I want to reproduce! In order to reproduce that, I need to be that. I need to be so in love with God, that it's all I can talk about! That is how deep I want my love for God to be! If I can only reproduce Christians that are half-hearted, I might as well give it up. It would be better for me to not be a youth pastor, then to create half-hearted Christians. It would be better for me to quit now, then to cause others to stumble. I am going to go deep. I want to reproduce passionate lovers of God.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm not going to Mexico..

So, just to let you know, because of the violence in Mexico, we are not going to go to Mexico. We are sending a small group of guys...but they will be flying in so that way its not as dangerous. God totally provided though! In the matter of like 24 hrs, 2 other missions trips came up. God provided the trips and the extra money to go! God is amazing. So we have a group going to Berlin, Germany, and a group going to Honduras... I get to go to Honduras!!!!! I am so excited. From the minute they said the 2 trips.. I was like I want to go to Honduras... even though Germany would be cool for like the experience of going there, we get to work with kids in Honduras... which is where my heart is. I am so stinking excited! God is amazing!