Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I've been home for almost 3 weeks now. It weird to think that a few weeks ago I was walking across the stage at DLA as a graduate. It weird to think that a few weeks before that I was acting as if nothing was going to change in my life, as if DLA would be forever, but the real reality is.. it did end. It ended I moved on (literally moved). And now I am back to where I started, but not really. It seems to everyone except me that I have done what I needed to do, and now I am back home. But it is so much deeper than that. I did not do what I needed to do. I did not complete my mission. I did not finish. The real journey is now. The real testament is now. This is now my mission. Nothing in DLA can be as hard as life will be now. I have to live every day in a battle between what God wants me to do, and what satan doesn't. Now is the time of true perseverance. Now is the time to press on. Indeed it has been a hard transition back. Life in DLA was easier at times. I had friends who became like family around me pushing me on. I had time everyday to spend with Jesus. My only real responsibility was the program. Now, I have to work, do things with ministry, have friends and spend time with Jesus. No one is holding my hand anymore. The reason they would push us so much at DLA is so that when no one was pushing us, we would still do it. Fight for the 2%. So here I am. Back home... fighting. Now more than ever I need to. My mission in now, I have a purpose and a calling in THIS GENERATION. There are students who don't know of the love that is in Jesus and I need to show them.