Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Will Never Be The Same Again

I love this song. Its a song that reminds me of this year. I don't think I will ever be the same person I was before DLA. God has changed my heart in so many ways. I want to love deeper, take risks, and live truly live everyday. I am no longer going to live in the traps of apathy and laziness. I will fight everyday for the One who matters. Life is so much more than I ever thought it could be. I want to live that way. I don't think I can truly explain everything from this year but I can say that I am different.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I will be home really soon! I cant wait to see you all!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oh my oh my! Things have bneen crazy around here, and they aren't going to slow down anytime soon. I have 5 weeks left in beautiful colorado, then I am heading back home. Well conference was like a week or so ago. IT WAS AMAZING! I can't spill the beans too much incase someone who is coming to the July reads this, but it was just amazing to see thousands of teenagers passionately going after God, and to know that I got to help with it.. it amazing. My job for the conference was like to head up the greeters. I loved it. I got to talk to all the greeters get to know them, and it was just amazing. I LOVED IT! I can't really explain a lot... but it was life changing. The biggest thing GOD taught me was that the joy of the LORD is my strength. It is so hard when you are going going going and not sleeping a lot. My body felt the same was it felt after a lock-in... but we had to get for 3 days. I mean we slept... just not a lot. But I just kept Gods joy in my heart, and I had strength for the day. I loved it. Anyways, after the conference we got to go white water rafting.... it was amazing. A wonderful day in the sun and water (it was cold water but still good) I just had a wonderful time. This week is going to be normal but crazy. We got conference prep again and scripture memory test on friday and CHANTEL IS COMING FRIDAY! I am so excited. She is staying for a week. I am excited... and we get to go swing dancing after the mill on friday! Its gonna be an amazing week. GOD is good... life is amazing. Its getting to the point where it is kinda getting hard, as everyone is talking about coming back for a second year, and I just don't think God has called me to that. I think I am supposed to now be focused and go to school and get my degree. I am already registered for classes, and I am super excited about it:) well anyways please be praying again for the next conference, same deal different month... but we want a different God encounter. I am sure it will happen and I am praying it will too. I love you all so much!