Sunday, June 27, 2010

A month in review?

Well it's been awhile since I updated this. I've been wrestling with a lot of stuff lately, so I didn't really want to post anything, which is kinda opposite of the point of this, but whatever. But here are a bunch of things that have happened past and present and future! haha

~At the end of may we had the Cedar point trip! It was so much fun! There was a little bit of drama, but we work with High-schoolers, so what do you expect! haha. Other than that it was a good trip, I was sun burned, but it was good.

~The Fuel explosion tour ended. I love the fuel explosion tour, but it is so much work. Last time I was in it, I was just leading my team, I wasn't helping run fuel too. I realized doing both is almost impossible. This is probably my last year leading a team for the explosion tour, if I am still helping to direct fuel. BUT my team did win :) for the 4th time haha. AND I did not cheat!

~ Kings Island was Monday/Tuesday! It was crazy! Fuel kids are crazy, but I love them. We didn't have as many girl leaders as I would have liked, which meant I was the oldest female leader. Thats okay.. BUT it just means that I had a lot more fixin' to do! Making sure everyone had everything, fixing drama and issues. It was good, but still I had a lot to do! I loved it though so much. And again I got burnt! (Don't worry I'm getting new sunscreen!)

~I got back from Kings Island, and I got terribly sick for a few days. Now I am finally feeling better and I have to get ready for CORNERSTONE!

~I leave for Cornerstone Wednesday! I love cornerstone! I am going to be working with the Povlich's! I love them, and so I am looking forward to spending a few days with them and at cornerstone.

~Colombia is coming up really fast too, after cornerstone, I'll be home for a week and a half and I leave for Colombia! I know I am crazy! But I love it!

~Also, I get to speak at fuel on the 5th. I am excited:)

Well there's so much going on but that a little glimpse into my life :)