Friday, May 28, 2010

I've had a lot of thoughts lately, but truthfully I haven't wanted to write them out. Mostly thoughts and dealings with disappointment, in myself and others. I think I put people on this pedestal, thinking they are going to do something they are not. I always put more faith in people then what I should. Then when the outcome does not produce anything, I am usually left disappointed and hurt. I'm being vague for a reason, because it's kinda vague on how and when I feel it.

I hate seeing someone I looked up to so much, fall and struggle. I think I thought they were infallible but in reality, we all fall. But it still hurts seeing that.

I feel a little lost lately, but I don't think that it's horribly wrong. I'm not lost, lost. I am always found by Him. But in life I feel a little lost. So here I am waiting on Him.

I don't understand how people can walk away. Like I have gone through so many hard times, good times, times when I am far and times when I am close, but I WILL NEVER walk away from Him.

this is kind of random, but take it or leave it. BTW this is my blog so yeah :)